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Passion for Horses and Helping Others

A Dose of ‘Horse’pitality. Jean Baker got a surprise visit on her 96th birthday from Maggie and her owner Rosa Shelton from Kindred Hospice.  Many residents eagerly made their way outside to pet and hug Maggie on Saturday, October 14.  Maggie made lots of new friends and it appears that Sterling Presbyterian Manor may have gotten itself its first mascot!

To say Rosa Shelton loves horses is an understatement. It’s more like she lives for horses.

“When my dad retired from the Navy, he built his dream house near Goddard. When I came along, I decided I really wanted a horse, so he sold that house and READ MORE

Make a plan, take a PATH®

For many, the search for a rehabilitation service must be made quickly after an unexpected injury or illness. But for others, like Lynette Wythnow, it’s a decision made long in advance of a planned procedure.

Lynette Wynthnow spent time in Path® at Sterling Presbyterian Manor after her knee replacement surgery.

“I had a total knee replacement on my READ MORE