Fostering a ‘bucket list’ state of mind

Residents at Presbyterian Manor often talk about things they wish they could do again, and things they used to love to do but now cannot for various reasons. Donna Grizzle, activity director, decided to facilitate residents getting to do some of these things through a bucket list activity last year. It was so successful, she continued it this year.

Donna hung “Daily Bucket List” posters throughout the community, reminding residents to think about what they want to do each day, and go do it!

For some residents, the reminders helped them remember to attend a favorite activity, but others wanted to do more.

“Residents would tell me of places they wanted to go and hobbies they wish they could do once again,” said Donna. Those desires sparked her personal mission for 2018—helping residents make bucket lists and check those items off this year.

First, Donna worked with each resident to fill out a bucket list. Next, she compiled the information. Now she’s finding sponsors and creative ways to fulfill the bucket list wishes.

“If we’re able to complete all these bucket list wishes, we’ll be doing many fun things this year,” Donna said.

The bucket list wishes include: going on a cruise to the Bahamas, taking a hot air balloon ride over wine country, going bowling, riding a motorcycle, touring Japan and Thailand, taking the train across the continental US, eating angel food cake, watching Sonja Henie skate again, exploring the Alaskan wilderness, vacationing in Hawaii, learning about my home state of Georgia, playing golf, going fishing, going dancing, watching a horse race, touring Europe, riding a horse, walking where Jesus walked and viewing the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

“Obviously, these are not all things that can be done literally, but I am confident that with the use of the internet, taking visual tours, watching documentaries, using the Wii, taking carriage rides, and utilizing many props and fun themed decorations, we will fulfill all our Bucket List wishes this year,” Donna said.

She plans to provide updates in the newsletter as items are checked off throughout the year as the Sterling Presbyterian Manor residents live life to the fullest.