Appreciation for Activity Professionals

February is a special month set aside to honor and show appreciation to activity professionals, who provide so much more than “fun and games.” Resident quality of life is increased with a variety of interesting and stimulating activities, and we’re certainly blessed with a wonderful activity professional — Donna Grizzle.

Independent living resident Mickey Wasinger said: “We are blessed at Presbyterian Manor in Sterling to have Donna Grizzle as our director of activities, but Donna has gone well beyond her job description. In addition to planning events and activities that the residents eagerly await, Donna invites them to assist her in their implementation. Instead of shopping for items on her own, Donna invites the residents to accompany her and have a voice in the selection process as was evidenced with the pumpkins used for decorating for Halloween. Donna and Joan decorated every nook and cranny in preparing for Christmas, and love was truly in the air.

Donna’s value is displayed, not in the decorations nor in the activities, but in her efforts to make each individual feel needed and experience a feeling of accomplishment. Joan beams with pride and her eyes dance with joy as she relates how she and Donna decorated this tree or that shelf. In addition to keeping bodies and minds fit, Donna is nourishing our souls.