Residents’ lives enriched by a variety of hobbies

Residents of our cottages in independent living lead anything but sedentary lives, as you can see from their various hobbies.

Pat enjoys sewing, so she makes little items for babies which she uses as gifts or “donates” to grandchildren.

Paul enjoys photography, traveling, and old cars – like the 1914 red Model A parked in his garage. He is currently trying to get his 1972 Toyota in running condition.

Paul loves old cars, especially his 1914 red Model A that he restored himself.

Irena likes to work puzzles, while Martha enjoys the daily crossword puzzle and absolutely loves to walk, chalking up three miles a day.

Mickey enjoys woodworking and has a small hay wagon that she made on display in her front yard.

Bill enjoys refinishing furniture and is a self-declared Sterling historian. He can also tell a number of stories about Sterling College.

Betty enjoys a life of service, supporting a seminary in Pittsburgh, Pa., as well as volunteering at Sterling College. She also maintains a web page for the local cemetery.

Don is an avid sports fan, holding a season pass for all athletic activities at the college. It is almost a given that when he is seen heading down the street on his scooter that there is a competition of some sort nearby.

These are only a few of our residents, and it’s obvious from their active lives that they don’t plan to slow down any time soon.