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Why Doctors Shouldn’t Treat All Older People the Same

Doctor meets with senior man in a medical office.

A New York Times op-ed makes the case for recognizing ‘oldhood’ in health care. Photo credit: Adobe Stock

By Grace Birnstengel for Next Avenue

Health care systems have very distinct doctors and procedures for treating children vs. adults — but the division often stops there. People ages 65 and older are largely lumped into the category of geriatric, without READ MORE

Can Technology Predict Falls in Older Adults?

Man has fallen on a public sidewalk.

Fascinating new research sheds light on the precursors to potentially deadly spills. Photo credit: Adobe Stock

By Randy Rieland for Next Avenue

The prospect of aging can conjure up a multitude of horrors — a mind stolen by dementia, a body debilitated by illness, a soul crushed by social isolation. For most, fear of falling would be well down the list.


Passion for Horses and Helping Others

A Dose of ‘Horse’pitality. Jean Baker got a surprise visit on her 96th birthday from Maggie and her owner Rosa Shelton from Kindred Hospice.  Many residents eagerly made their way outside to pet and hug Maggie on Saturday, October 14.  Maggie made lots of new friends and it appears that Sterling Presbyterian Manor may have gotten itself its first mascot!

To say Rosa Shelton loves horses is an understatement. It’s more like she lives for horses.

“When my dad retired from the Navy, he built his dream house near Goddard. When I came along, I decided I really wanted a horse, so he sold that house and READ MORE

A few of our favorite things

We asked our residents to share some of their favorite things about Christmas. Here’s what they told us!

  1. Celebrating the birth of our savior
  2. Family getting together
  3. Singing Christmas carols (favorites were Silent Night and White Christmas).

Some other favorite things:

  •  Attending Candlelight Services
  • Finding and digging up our Christmas Tree
  • Decorating

6 Steps to Keeping the Peace This Holiday Season

Hands holding glasses as if making a toast, above a table set for a big meal

These tips can help avoid resentment and friction at family gatherings. [Photo credit: Thinkstock]

By Donna Sapolin for Next Avenue

Our expectations of family members and a desire to have a heartwarming, joyful time with them seem to peak during holiday gatherings. Yet that’s precisely when relatives can be at their worst, replaying old grievances READ MORE

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Parents Are Safe In Bad Weather

Photo of flooded neighborhood

You can’t control Mother Nature, but certain precautions are important. [Photo credit: Thinkstock]

By Jasmine Dyoco for Next Avenue

Lately, it seems our headlines have been filled with stories about Mother Nature wreaking havoc on our surroundings. From horrible flooding to fast-spreading wildfires to monster hurricanes, weather and the damage READ MORE